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An Examination of the Impact of Minority Status Stress and Impostor Feelings on the Mental Health of Diverse Ethnic Minority College Students
KevinCokley , �ShannonMcClain, �AliciaEnciso, �andMercedesMartinez This study examined differences in minority status stress, impostor feelings, and mental health in a sample of 240 ethnic minorityExpand
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The Impact of College Racial Composition on African American Students' Academic Self-Concept: A Replication and Extension.
The purpose of this study was to replicate and extend Cokley's (2000) study by comparing the academic self-concept of African American students in a historically Black college and university settingExpand
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Cross Racial Identity Scale
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An Examination of the Impact of Racial and Ethnic Identity, Impostor Feelings, and Minority Status Stress on the Mental Health of Black College Students
This study examined ethnic identity, racial centrality, minority status stress, and impostor feelings as predictors of mental health in a sample of 218 Black college students. Ethnic identity wasExpand
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Construction and Initial Validation of the Student-Professor Interaction Scale.
This article describes the development of an instrument to measure the multiple dimensions of student-faculty interactions. The sample consisted of 318 students (114 males, 203 females; 58% White,Expand
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Bridge over troubled waters
Meeting the mental health needs of black children will take more than just increasing access to mental health services and early identification. It also will require a critical evaluation of theExpand
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The Roles of Gender Stigma Consciousness, Impostor Phenomenon and Academic Self-Concept in the Academic Outcomes of Women and Men
The question of gender differences in academic outcomes has been widely reported and debated. Recent data suggest more similarities than differences in achievement, yet also show males being moreExpand
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The moderating role of gender in the relationship between religiosity and mental health in a sample of black American college students
In the current study gender was tested as a moderator of the relationship between religiosity and mental health among 218 black American college students. It was hypothesised that black women wouldExpand
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Learning While Black: A Culturally Informed Model of the Impostor Phenomenon for Black Graduate Students
This study presents a culturally informed model of the impostor phenomenon construct for Black graduate students who attend predominantly White universities. The impostor phenomenon is an internalExpand
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