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The complexity and resource requirements of professional IDEs mean that they are unsuitable for use in intermediate level programming courses. Jenuity is an efficient development environment for the Java programming language. Efficiency is essential as students often have outdated hardware unable to run mainstream development environments. This is of(More)
Doctors can experience difficulty in accessing medical information of new patients. One reason for this is that, the management of medical records is mostly institution-centred. The lack of access to medical information may affect patients in several ways, such as: new medical tests may be carried out at a cost to the patient, and doctors may prescribe(More)
The oxygen consumption rate (VO(2)) of Biomphalaria glabrata populations, using polarometric and manometric methods, when plotted against dried body mass as logarithmic co-ordinates, respectively, fell on a regression line with a slope between 0.933 and 1.02. The slope of the regression line for non-infected Schistosoma mansoni populations was found to be(More)
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