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Research-in-progress on the evaluation of mandatory Customer Relationship Management Information Systems (CRM IS) is presented. The business problem is presented, followed by converging theoretical considerations, which assist in making the case for a wider conceptualisation of CRM evaluation which values a social perspective of CRM IS use at(More)
Several theorists advocate the application of relationship marketing concepts to the not-for-profit organisation (NPO) sector. The authors build on these contributions to adapt and extend the Morgan and Hunt [J. Mark. 58 (1994) 20] commitment – trust model to the NPO sector. The proposed model is applied to the relationship between an NPO and its(More)
BACKGROUND In the UK occupational therapy pre-discharge home visits are routinely carried out as a means of facilitating safe transfer from the hospital to home. Whilst they are an integral part of practice, there is little evidence to demonstrate they have a positive outcome on the discharge process. Current issues for patients are around the speed of home(More)
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