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ii Authority This publication has been developed by NIST to further its statutory responsibilities under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), Public Law (P.L.) 107-347. NIST is responsible for developing information security standards and guidelines, including minimum requirements for Federal information systems, but such standards and(More)
We propose a new family of latent variable models called max-margin min-entropy (m3e) models, which define a distribution over the output and the hidden variables conditioned on the input. Given an input, an m3e model predicts the output with the smallest corresponding Rényi entropy of generalized distribution. This is equivalent to minimizing a score that(More)
BACKGROUND The Epilepsy Phenome/Genome Project (EPGP) is a large-scale, multi-institutional, collaborative network of 27 epilepsy centers throughout the U.S., Australia, and Argentina, with the objective of collecting detailed phenotypic and genetic data on a large number of epilepsy participants. The goals of EPGP are (1) to perform detailed phenotyping on(More)
The islet of Langerhans is a unique micro-organ within the exocrine pancreas, which is composed of insulin-secreting beta-cells, glucagon-secreting alpha-cells, somatostatin-secreting delta-cells, pancreatic polypeptide-secreting PP cells and ghrelin-secreting epsilon-cells. Islets also contain non-endocrine cell types such as endothelial cells. However,(More)
Improving mathematics and science education in the United States has been a matter of national concern for over half a century. Psychology has a vital role to play in this enterprise. In this article, the authors review the kinds of contributions that psychology can make in four areas: (a) early understanding of mathematics, (b) understanding of science,(More)
This paper presents three simple techniques for improving network service using relatively unknown features of many existing networks. The resulting system provides greater reliability, enhanced security, and ease of management. First, it addresses the application of IP anycast to provide reliable recursive DNS service. Next, it explains the use of unicast(More)
Two efforts have been made by the Digital Library (DL) Curriculum Development Project Group (http://curric.dlib.vt.edu) to help the ETD community. Our first activity is the preparation of multiple educational modules, which may be combined to create DL courses. In a paper presented at ETD 2007, the group identified the modules that might be most useful for(More)