Kevin Meinert

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This paper describes VR Juggler, an Open Source platform used to develop and run virtual reality applications. We emphasize VR Juggler’s ability to provide a uniform VR application environment and to allow extendibility to new devices without affecting existing applications. These features enable VR applications to evolve along side other technologies with(More)
Virtual reality (VR) installations are often unique; every one is a complex blend of hardware devices, displays, and computing resources. Configuration of VR software is therefore a difficult and time-consuming process. VR Juggler, our toolkit for VR application development, addresses these problems with a number of
This tutorial provides an overview of VR application development using Open Source software tools. We focus on the VR Juggler suite of tools (see and various Open Source projects that can work with it. We will demonstrate how Open Source software ensures extensibility and eases integration between software tools. We will also show(More)
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