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In vivo neutron activation analysis has been used to measure bone mineral content in the central skeleton where osteoporotic fractures occur. To be of diagnostic value, the results must be normalized for body size. From data obtained from 74 healthy children and adults up to 55 years of age, we have found that the calcium in the central skeleton is(More)
Long-term anticonvulsant drug therapy may lead to abnormalities of calcium metabolism resulting in osteomalacia. The prevalence and severity of altered calcium metabolism was studied in an adult outpatient population of persons with epilepsy receiving anticonvulsant therapy for a minimum of 2 years. Assessment of calcium metabolism was based on serum(More)
y composition was studied in 31 patients receiving chemotherapy for small-cell lung cancer. Patients were randomly assigned to receive either 4 weeks of total parenteral nutrition (study group) or to continue a self-regulated oral diet (control group). The relationship between height and total body nitrogen was altered initially for patients who had lost(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate and compare various methodologies of measuring the characteristics of pressure ulcers. This prospective, four-week, follow-up study consisted of 20 patients, of whom 17 completed the study. Each patient had at least one full-thickness pressure ulcer (surface area between 1.2 and 61.6 cm2) that had been present for(More)
Measurement of nitrogen in the human body gives a measure of total protein in the body. Nitrogen (N) may be measured in vivo by a nuclear technique in which the characteristic nitrogen gamma rays emitted after capture of neutrons are detected and counted. The accuracy (as determined by comparison of the measurement of nitrogen in a pig by nuclear and(More)