Kevin McCormick

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OBJECTIVES To conduct a pilot study to examine physician patient interaction when elderly patients are accompanied during a medical visit. METHODS This was a study in which 30 patients were randomly assigned to be accompanied (13) or unaccompanied (17) during a regular medical visit to their physician. Visits were tape recorded, transcribed, and coded(More)
Cell lines were established from 2 primary hepatocellular carcinomas (HC's) and 3 sarcomas produced in Syrian golden hamsters inoculated as newborns with chicken embryo lethal orphan (CELO) virus. Cell lines from 2 sarcomas (COT, CMT) and 1 HC (CEHEP) produced CELO virus-specific T-antigen. The antigen was not detected in cells of the third sarcoma line(More)
Complement dependent cytotoxicity to malignant melanoma tumor cells was demonstrated in incubations that included rheumatoid factor (RF) positive plasma and normal plasma. Cytotoxicity was not demonstrated to cells from a number of normal tissues. The phenomenon involved coating of tumor cells with immunoglobulins and complement fixation. The activity in RF(More)
Identifying micro RNAs (miRNAs) and their target genes plays an increasingly important role in better understanding the regulatory activities in the cell. Most computational methods focus on the sequence complementarity between miRNAs and target genes without using actual expression data, which, even when used, has been primarily just for validation of the(More)