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Web-scale discovery systems are becoming prevalent in research libraries. Although a number of studies have explored various impacts of discovery systems, few studies exist on user satisfaction. The investigators of this study evaluated user satisfaction with the discovery service Summon at Ryerson University, using online questionnaires and in-person focus(More)
Deficiency of vitamin B12 and/or folic acid as a cause of pyrexia, though known, is rarely reported in literature. We aimed to report a case in a 51 year old woman, who presented with fever and pancytopenia and was diagnosed to have megaloblastic anemia secondary to vitamin B12 and folate deficiency. The pyrexia subsided following the intramuscular(More)
consumer has his own opinion about the product he is using which they are willing to share in social groups like forums, chat rooms and weblogs. As these review comments are actual feedbacks from customers, mining the sentiments in these reviews is being increasingly inducted into the feedback pipeline for any company. Along with it, the increasing use of(More)
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