Kevin Makice

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We describe the use of an ambient display called Twitterspace for promoting awareness of events and member activities within our community centers. Content for the display pulls from the social networking platform Twitter. Tweets, which are the recent posts from community members, move across large screens placed in public rooms. Through the concept of(More)
This paper describes the methodology and results of an attempt to use a wiki web site for political collaboration. Recruited through gateway contacts for online political organizations and publications, participants in the PoliticWiki project were asked to create a political platform from scratch. Foundation content was copied from to seed the(More)
ur initial concept for Design eXchange as a shared collaborative online and physical space for design has changed as a result of several iterations. Our present notion places less emphasis on Design eXchange being a place for our students to share their work, and instead favors a complex mix of key elements, namely 1) a virtual online studio, 2) a forum for(More)
In this paper, we begin by laying out our motivation for exploring methods of evaluating Ambient Information Systems, with a strong push toward in-situ studies. Next, we describe a simple study which was conducted to give us further insight into this research domain. We conclude by discussing the insights gained from our study, and possible ways to improve(More)
This paper describes and compares notions of <i>luxury</i> and <i>new luxury</i> as a social notion of sustainability. The context of the discourse is sustainable interaction design (SID), defined in the paper and attributed to several sources. Several research questions are posed concerning the relationship between luxury, new luxury, quality, and equality(More)
Video prototyping is an established technique in HCI, often used early in the design process to show the context in which a particular interface might be used. Unfortunately, even with falling costs, video production is expensive and demands many tangible resources. Machinima appears poised to offer a new approach to video prototyping. To understand how(More)
Proposed thesis research uses Twitter-a young channel for phatics communication-as a catalyst to promote community awareness and strengthen connections between members. This paper examines the phatic function, or messages about the communication channel, and its growing interest in HCI research. Examples of projects are described in the context of better(More)
Strategies for meeting people online are often based on appearance or demographics, criteria that do not guarantee quality connections or long-lasting relationships. Drawing from prior work in ambiguity and affective interaction, pixSmix is a conceptual design to facilitate human connection through visual expression and interpretation. Participants create(More)
As the "baby-boomer" generation approaches retirement, the United States will enjoy a significant increase in the number of senior citizens. Issues involving seniors are likely to rise to the forefront of national consciousness. A primary concern for this population is the loss of companionship, which can contribute to isolation, depression, and decreased(More)