Kevin MacVittie

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The present study aims at integrating drug-releasing materials with signal-processing biocomputing systems. Enzymes alanine transaminase (ALT) and aspartate transaminase (AST)—biomarkers for liver injury—were logically processed by a biocatalytic cascade realizing Boolean AND gate. Citrate produced in the system was used to trigger a drug-mimicking release(More)
We report a realization of an associative memory signal/information processing system based on simple enzyme-catalyzed biochemical reactions. Optically detected chemical output is always obtained in response to the triggering input, but the system can also "learn" by association, to later respond to the second input if it is initially applied in combination(More)
This review article is an overview of the current state of the development of biochemical flip-flop memory systems for use with biocomputing. Of particular interest are those developed using chemical and biochemical systems and components, capable of the complete integration into existing biocomputing information processing systems. The integration of(More)
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