Kevin M. Smith

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Plantar fasciotomies have become commonplace in podiatric and orthopedic medicine for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. However, several complications have been associated with plantar fascial release. It has been speculated that the cause of these complications is excessive release of the plantar fascia. The aim of this project was to determine whether(More)
New laboratory measurements and theoretical calculations of integrated line intensities for water vapour bands in the near-infrared and visible (8500-15800 cm −1) are summarised. Band intensities derived from the new measured data show a systematic 6 to 26 % increase compared to calculations using the HITRAN-96 database. The recent corrections to the HITRAN(More)
We develop a building energy forecasting model using support vector regression. Model is applied to data from a multi-family residential building in New York City. We extend sensor based energy forecasting to multi-family residential buildings. We examine the impact temporal and spatial granularity has on model accuracy. Optimal granularity occurs at the by(More)
  • Stanley B Brown, Kevin M Smith, Graham M F Bisset, Robert F Troxlerll
  • 2001
The photooxidation of methyl pheophorbides, derived from bacteriochlorophyll c, yields ring-opened acetylbilitrienes which are structurally related to mam-malian bile pigments. The mechanism of this photoox-idation, and that of certain mesomethyl-substituted model compounds, has been studied using "0 labeling with molecular oxygen. In all cases, the methine(More)
  • Maryam Etminan, Eleanor J Highwood, Johannes C Laube, Robert Mcpheat, George Marston, Keith P Shine +1 other
  • 2014
CFC-113a (CF 3 CCl 3), CFC-112 (CFCl 2 CFCl 2) and HCFC-133a (CF 3 CH 2 Cl) are three newly detected molecules in the atmosphere that are almost certainly emitted as a result of human activity. It is important to characterise the possible contribution of these gases to radiative forcing of climate change and also to provide information on the CO(More)
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