Kevin M. Shakesheff

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BACKGROUND Sampling the microenvironment at sites of microbial exposure by dendritic cells (DC) and their subsequent interaction with T cells in the paracortical area of lymph nodes are key events for initiating immune responses. Most of our knowledge of such events in human is based on in vitro studies performed in the absence of extracellular matrix (ECM)(More)
This paper examines the differentiation of a mouse embryonic stem cell line (CGR8) into neurons, under retinoic acid (RA) and smoothened agonist (SAG) treatment. When stem cells underwent through an embryoid body (EB) formation stage, dissociation and seeding on glass coverslips, immunofluorescent labelling for neuronal markers (Nestin, b-Tubulin III, MAP2)(More)
This paper describes a computer algorithm for the determination of the interconnectivity of the pore space inside scaffolds used for tissue engineering. To validate the algorithm and its computer implementation, the algorithm was applied to a computer-generated scaffold consisting of a set of overlapping spherical pores, for which the interconnectivity was(More)
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