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Residential water demand is a function of several factors, some of which are within the control of water utilities (e.g., price, water restrictions, rebate programs) and some of which are not (e.g., climate and weather, demographic characteristics). In this study of Aurora, Colorado, factors influencing residential water demand are reviewed during a(More)
Do spinal cord injured patients who accept responsibility for their injury cope better than those who blame others? Previous investigations have yielded conflicting answers to this question. On the assumption that some portion of the disparity in earlier findings derives from the failure of early investigators to conceptualize "blame" as a dynamic(More)
BACKGROUND The Joint Commission requires ongoing professional practice evaluation--or what Cincinnati Children's Medical Center (CCHMC) has termed performance-based privileging (PBP)--for the medical staff reappointment and reprivileging process. BUILDING A SYSTEM CCHMC is a 475-bed academic medical center affiliated with the University of Cincinnati(More)
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