Kevin M. O'Neill

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OBJECTIVE Electrocorticography grids have been used to study and diagnose neural pathophysiology for over 50 years, and recently have been used for various neural prosthetic applications. Here we provide evidence that micro-scale electrodes are better suited for studying cortical pathology and function, and for implementing neural prostheses. METHODS This(More)
The short-term behavioral responses of adult grasshoppers, Melanoplus sanguinipes (F.) (Orthoptera: Acrididae), were examined after they experienced changes in microclimate when beingforced to change positions in their habitat. It was also determined if and when behavioral tactics allowed adults to achieve body temperatures within their preferred range. The(More)
During the nesting season, adult females of the solitary bee Megachile rotundata (F.) face considerable physical and energy demands that could include increasing wear and tear on their bodies and decreasing lipid reserves. Consequently, their reproductive performance may be affected not only by extrinsic factors (e.g., weather and floral resource(More)
Females of solitary, nest-provisioning bees have relatively low fecundity, but produce large eggs as part of their overall strategy of investing substantially in each offspring. In intraspecific comparisons of several species of solitary, nest-provisioning bees and wasps, the size of the mature eggs produced increases with female body size. We further(More)
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