Kevin M. Ellett

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The effect of ethnic origin on perinatal outcome is well recognized. An effect on the rate of spontaneous abortion has not been previously documented, to our knowledge. We report the results of a retrospective survey of late mid-trimester abortions (20 to 26 weeks gestation) at Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham, England. The aims of the study were to(More)
Dissolved helium and bromide tracers were used to evaluate trapped gas during an infiltration pond experiment. Dissolved helium preferentially partitioned into trapped gas bubbles, or other pore air, because of its low solubility in water. This produced observed helium retardation factors of as much as 12 relative to bromide. Numerical simulations of helium(More)
A series of Mb 3.8-5.5 induced seismic events in the midcontinent region, United States, resulted from injection of fluid either into a basal sedimentary reservoir with no underlying confining unit or directly into the underlying crystalline basement complex. The earthquakes probably occurred along faults that were likely critically stressed within the(More)
Modelling of hydrological processes at basin-tocontinental scales can be classified into two general approaches: land surface models (LSM) used in numerical weather prediction and climate simulation, and rainfall-runoff models (RRM) used for water resources management and flood forecasting. Whether the models use complex physically-based equations or(More)
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