Kevin M Arendt

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A new substrate class for nickel-catalyzed C(sp(3)) cross-coupling reactions is reported. α-Oxy radicals generated from benzylic acetals, TMSCl, and a mild reductant can participate in chemoselective cross-coupling with aryl iodides using a 2,6-bis(N-pyrazolyl)pyridine (bpp)/Ni catalyst. The mild, base-free conditions are tolerant of a variety of functional(More)
A double diastereoselective variant of the nucleophile-catalyzed aldol lactonization (NCAL) process is described. This strategy delivers beta-lactone-fused carbocycles with good to excellent diastereoselectivities using cinchona alkaloid catalysts with enantioenriched aldehyde acids, which gave low diastereoselectivity based on substrate control alone.(More)
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