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The last decade has witnessed the refinement of microvascular tissue transplantation and its application in treating difficult open wounds. Nonetheless, severe type III tibial injuries continue to challenge reconstructive surgeons. The clinical presentation and surgical treatment of a type IIIB tibial fracture, complicated by long-standing chronic(More)
We have previously published data on our use of opioids in the last week of life. A change in our pattern of opioid use, i.e. switching opioids more frequently and using high-dose methadone suppositories, appears to have resulted in a decrease in the number of patients requiring high-dose opioids. A retrospective chart review of 100 consecutive patients(More)
Limb salvage in fungal osteomyelitis of the post-traumatic lower extremity represents a difficult clinical problem requiring aggressive management. We report lower extremity salvage by radical bony debridement, free tissue transfer, distraction osteogenesis with bone-docking, and a novel antifungal regimen in a clinical setting of infection with(More)
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