Kevin Leslie

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Pulmonary fibrosis in surgical lung biopsies is said to have a 'usual interstitial pneumonia-pattern' (UIP-pattern) of disease when scarring of the parenchyma is present in a patchy, 'temporally heterogeneous' distribution. These biopsies are one of the more common non-neoplastic specimens surgical pathologists encounter and often pose a number of(More)
Chinchillas rendered hyperlipidemic by a 1% cholesterol diet or maintained on a normal diet were either exposed to a 2-octave bandpass noise (700-2,800 Hz for 220 min at 105 or 114 dB) or else not exposed to noise. The animals were assessed with tone-burst (2-16 kHz) elicited compound action potentials (CAP). Compared with normal diet animals, the(More)
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