Kevin L. Woo

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By investigating the mechanisms that underlie the perception of environmental cues, we may begin to understand how the sensory system governs behavioral responses. This is the first empirical study to examine learning and visual sensitivity in a reptile species, the tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus). We established a non-intrusive psychophysical method by(More)
BACKGROUND As millions of emergency department (ED) visits each year include wound care, emergency care providers must remain experts in acute wound management. The variety of acute wounds presenting to the ED challenge the physician to select the most appropriate management to facilitate healing. A complete wound history along with anatomic and specific(More)
The increasing use of the video playback technique in behavioural ecology reveals a growing need to ensure better control of the visual stimuli that focal animals experience. Technological advances now allow researchers to develop computer-generated animations instead of using video sequences of live-acting demonstrators. However, care must be taken to(More)
In Pickup and Delivery Problems (PDPs), mobile vehicles retrieve and deliver a set of items. The PDP is a well-studied, NP-hard problem. Examples of the PDP include mail and courier services, taxis, ridesharing services, and robots such as our own CoBots and CreBots, which retrieve and deliver items for the occupants of a building, and are the motivation(More)
  • Felix Duvallet, James Kong, Eugene Marinelli, Kevin Woo, Austin Buchan, Brian Coltin +2 others
  • 2007
Taking inspiration from nature, we have developed a colony of small, low-cost robots. We have created a robotic base which is inexpensive and utilizes simple sensors, yet has the capabilities required to form a colony. To overcome computational limitations, we have developed custom sensors and algorithms that enable the robots to communicate, localize(More)
BACKGROUND A need exits to develop a protocol for preventing pressure ulcers (PUs) in private for-profit nursing homes in Hong Kong, where the incidence of PUs is relatively high and which have high proportion of non-professional care staff. The implementation of such protocol would involve changes in the practice of care, likely evoking feelings of fear(More)
It is well established that recognition of complex acoustic signals, such as bird song, is dependent upon the temporal ordering of signal units or syntax. Much less is known about functionally analogous visual displays. The jacky dragon (Amphibolurus muricatus) is a native Australian agamid lizard with a highly stereotyped visual display made up of three(More)
Testing visual sensitivity in any species provides basic information regarding behaviour, evolution, and ecology. However, testing specific features of the visual system provide more empirical evidence for functional applications. Investigation into the sensory system provides information about the sensory capacity, learning and memory ability, and(More)
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