Kevin L. Keim

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In nonstressed rats, subcutaneous administration of haloperidol (HAL) and large doses of diazepam (DZ) increased plasma corticosterone (CS). Hypothalamic norepinephrine (NE) was lowered significantly by desmethylimipramine (DMI), HAL and, to a lesser extent, by DZ and phenobarbital (PHB). In rats pretreated with either DZ, DMI, HAL or PHB the(More)
Restraint causes an increase in plasma renin activity (PRA) which is not affected by pretreatment with dl-propranolo (1 mg/kg IP) or sotalol (15 mg/kg IP). These doses of beta-adrenergic blocking agents are effective in suppressing the stimulation of PRA by isoproterenol. Large doses of dl-propranolol (10 mg/kg IP) and d-propranolol (5 mg/kg IP) attenuate(More)
The role of central catecholamines in the regulation of resting ACTH secretion has been investigated by relating plasma corticosterone to changes in hypothalamic catecholamines after treating rats with various amine depleting agents. The hypothesis of a noradrenergic inhibitory control is not supported by the data since a correlation between hypothalamic(More)
Restraint stress of 30 min increases plasma CS and lowers hypothalamic NE. Restraints of longer durations are associated with an attenuation of these changes. Daily repetitive restraint enhances the CS response on the second day and progressively diminishes it on subsequent days. Whole brain NE increases on the first day and decreases on Day 2 to 5. The CS(More)
Desipramine in intravenous doses of 0.3 to 3 mg/kg in the cat enhances preganglionic cervical sympathetic nerve activity evoked by hypothalamic stimulation. This effect is dependent on the pulse frequency of stimulation. Spontaneous potentials are in general slightly diminished. Reflex excitation of preganglionic sympathetic outflow induced by sciatic nerve(More)
The effect of ACTH/MSH peptides on fast axonal transport along intact or regenerating sciatic nerve was examined following injection of tritiated leucine into the rat lumbar spinal cord. The rate of fast axonal transport was not significantly changed by treatment with ACTH/MSH(4-10), the ACTH(4-9) analog ORG 2766, hypophysectomy, or adrenalectomy. Fast(More)
Vinpocetine, vincamine, aniracetam, and Hydergine, compounds with purported cognition activating activity, were evaluated for their ability to prevent scopolamine-induced and hypoxia-induced impairment of passive avoidance retention (24 hr) in rats. Vinpocetine (peak effect dose [PED]= 200 mg/kg PO), aniracetam (PED = 100 mg/kg PO), vincamine (PED = 30(More)