Kevin L. Jackson

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This report presents the results of a study of various wind turbine blade design parameters as a function of blade length in the range from 30 meters to 70 meters. The results have been summarized in dimensional and non-dimensional formats to aid in interpretation. The parametric review estimated peak power and annual energy capture for megawatt scale wind(More)
Brain temperature, as an independent therapeutic target variable, has received increasingly intense clinical attention. To date, brain hypothermia represents the most potent neuroprotectant in laboratory studies. Although the impact of brain temperature is prevalent in a number of common human diseases including: head trauma, stroke, multiple sclerosis,(More)
Because cloud computing can provide a path toward enhanced utility of information technology at reduced cost and all the public-sector goals fall squarely within IEEE's mission of advancing technology for humanity, IEEE GovCloud is poised to deliver true value to IEEE's many members that service this important industry vertical. This article describes roles(More)
Ten individuals, residing in a treatment facility specializing in the rehabilitation of sex offenders with developmental disabilities, participated in an arousal assessment involving the use of the penile plethysmograph. The arousal assessments involved measuring change in penile circumference to various categories of stimuli both appropriate (adult men and(More)
Emerging research on the long-term impact of concussions on athletes has allowed public recognition of the potentially devastating effects of these and other mild head injuries. Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) is a multifaceted disease for which management remains a clinical challenge. Recent pre-clinical and clinical data strongly suggest a destructive(More)
Inhibition of return (IOR)-a slow response to targets at recently attended locations, is believed to play an important role in guiding behaviour. In the attention literature it has been shown that attentional capture by an exogenous cue affects contrast sensitivity so that it alters the appearance of low-contrast stimuli. Despite a significant amount of(More)
Governments around the world are actively looking into cloud computing as a means of increasing efficiency and reducing cost. The following outline will help you better understand the value and risk associated with this new concept. For further information please contact: I. What is Cloud Computing? a. Definition: Cloud computing is a model for enabling(More)
As the cloud computing industry advances, success will inevitably depend on the ability to address information consumer perceptions and evolving application requirements, and will require improved management across the application/computing infrastructure/network interfaces and enhanced automated visibility and management of the foundational wide area(More)
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a multifaceted disease with intrinsically complex heterogeneity and remains a significant clinical challenge to manage. TBI model systems have demonstrated many mechanisms that contribute to brain parenchymal cell death, including glutamate and calcium toxicity, oxidative stress, inflammation, and mitochondrial dysfunction.(More)