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In this paper, the subject of surface-area gain in tissue expansion is approached from three sides. With the help of a mathematical approach, the theoretical increase in surface area was calculated in relation to the specifications of the expanders. In an in vitro model, these mathematical data were confirmed to be reliable. To determine the real(More)
The eyes of snakes are shielded beneath a layer of transparent integument referred to as the 'reptilian spectacle'. Well adapted to vision by virtue of its optical transparency, it nevertheless retains one characteristic of the integument that would otherwise prove detrimental to vision: its vascularity. Given the potential consequence of spectacle blood(More)
The effect of an induced salmonid parr-to-smolt metamorphosis ('smoltification') on the optical quality of the ocular lens was studied. In two separate experiments, rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) parr were fed thyroxine in their diet to induce the metamorphosis. Lenses were excised at regular samplings during the treatment period and optically scanned(More)
Few reports on the cellular anatomy of the lid wiper (LW) area of the inner eyelid exist and only one report makes use of cytological methods. The optimization of a method of collecting, staining and imaging cells from the LW region using impression cytology (IC) is described in this study. Cells are collected from the inner surface of the upper eyelid of(More)
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