Kevin L. Fox

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We describe a prototype Information Retrieval system, SENTINEL, under development at Harris Corporation’s Information Systems Division. SENTINEL is a fusion of multiple information retrieval technologies, integrating n-grams, a vector space model, and a neural network training rule. One of the primary advantages of SENTINEL is its 3-dimenstional(More)
Two patients presented to the Emergency Department (ED) with features of toxic shock syndrome, including hypotension, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), renal and hepatic insufficiency and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC). Computed tomography (CT) scan identified the source of infection in one patient. At laparotomy, pelvic peritonitis(More)
In this paper we report the results of an independent experimental evaluation of an information retrieval (IR) system developed at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). The system, which is called the <i>Advanced Information Retrieval Engine</i> (AIRE), consists of a set of tools and utilities providing indexing, extraction, searching and(More)
Harris Corporation focuses on information retrieval support for various Government agencies. Time constraints and interest-level limit our user to reviewing the top documents before determining if the results of a query are accurate and satisfactory. In such cases, retrieval times and precision accuracy are at a premium, with recall potentially being(More)
We describe a system model for determining decision making strategies based upon the ability to perform data mining and pattern discovery utilizing open source information to automatically predict the likelihood of reactions to specific events or situational awareness from multiple information sources. Within this paper, we discuss the development of a(More)
We describe a model for determining strategies for making decisions. Decision making involves a model with several possible actions, state of the world with a probability, and a metric of how well the best decision was made. The ability to perform data mining and discover patterns to automatically predict likelihood of reaction to specific events and(More)