Kevin Kishimoto

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Nystatin-perforated patch recordings were made from mechanically dissociated neurons (in which functional native presynaptic nerve terminals are preserved), isolated from the basolateral amygdala regions to investigate the effects of tandospirone on gamma-aminobutyric acidergic (GABAergic) inhibition. Two types of neurons, ovoid-shaped and pyramidal-shaped(More)
1. Spontaneous miniature outward currents (SMOCs) were observed in mechanically dissociated rat Meynert neurons using nystatin perforated patch recordings under voltage-clamp conditions. 2. SMOCs were blocked by apamin, a selective blocker of small conductance Ca(2+)-activated K(+) (SK) channels, but not by blockers for other types of Ca(2+)-activated K(+)(More)
Effects of Zn2+ and other polyvalent cations on glycine-induced currents in the freshly dissociated rat dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus neurons were investigated under voltage-clamp conditions by the use of the nystatin-perforated patch recording configuration. Glycine evoked a Cl- current in a concentration-dependent manner with a half-maximum effective(More)
The periaqueductal gray (PAG) plays a critical role in descending antinociception. In mechanically dissociated rat PAG neurons, pharmacologically separated spontaneous GABAergic miniature inhibitory postsynaptic currents (mIPSCs) were recorded using the nystatin-perforated patch technique. Both DAMGO, a specific mu-opioid receptor agonist, and serotonin(More)
Tri-n-butyltin (TBT), an environmental pollutant, is accumulated in edible mollusks and fishes. It has also become a health concern in today's society. In the present study, to elucidate the possible neurotoxic action of TBT, the effect on spontaneous gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) release from GABAergic nerve terminals projecting to rat ventromedial(More)
The gradual adoption since 2010 of the content standard Resource Description and Access, based on the conceptual model Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records, has brought change to many areas of library cataloging, including popular music. In particular, the cataloging community has had to grapple with new practices in assigning access points for(More)
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