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C onsider a group touring the museums in Washington, D.C. The group arrives at a registration point, where each person receives a handheld device with audio, video, and wireless communication capabilities—an off-the-shelf PDA available in the market today. A wireless-based system tracks the location of these devices and presents relevant information about(More)
Location-aware computing involves the automatic tailoringof information and services based on the current location of the user. We have designed and implemented Rover, a system that enables location-based services, as well as the traditional time-aware, user-aware and device-aware services. To achieve system scalability to very large client sets, Rover(More)
Databases most often contain critical information. Unauthorized changes to databases can have serious consequences and may result in significant losses for the organization. This paper presents a viable solution for protecting the integrity of the data stored in relational databases using fragile watermarking. Prior techniques introduce distortions to the(More)
Context-aware computing requires the automatic tailoring of information and services based on the current context of the user. The context of the user typically consists of a set of userspecific parameters including his location, the characteristics of the access device and interface, and the interests of the user, usually represented in an user profile.(More)
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