Kevin K. Nelson

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Glioblastomas, the most common and aggressive form of astrocytoma, are refractory to therapy, and molecularly heterogeneous. The ability to establish cell cultures that preserve the genomic profile of the parental tumors, for use in patient specific in vitro and in vivo models, has the potential to revolutionize the preclinical development of new treatments(More)
OBJECT Mammalian heparanase has been shown to function in tumor progression, invasion, and angiogenesis. However, heparanase expression in gliomas has not been well analyzed. To clarify its expression in gliomas, human glioma tissues and glioma animal models were investigated. METHODS The expression of heparanase mRNA was determined in 33 resected human(More)
(2009). Evidence for an interaction between age at first drink and genetic influences on DSM-IV alcohol dependence symptoms. (2000). The effects of parenting on the development of adolescent alcohol misuse: A six-wave latent growth model. (2004). The use of adolescent nonhuman primates to model human alcohol intake: Neurobiological, genetic, and(More)
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