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We give a new upper bound on the Selberg zeta function for a convex co-compact Schottky group acting on the hyperbolic space H n+1 : in strips parallel to the imaginary axis the zeta function is bounded by exp(C|s| δ) where δ is the dimension of the limit set of the group. This bound is more precise than the optimal global bound exp(C|s| n+1), and it gives(More)
The hair-growth cycle is an example of a cyclic process that is well characterized morphologically but understood incompletely at the molecular level. As an initial step in discovering regulators in hair-follicle morphogenesis and cycling, we used DNA microarrays to profile mRNA expression in mouse back skin from eight representative time points. We(More)
The Hodgkin-Huxley model describes action potential generation in certain types of neurons and is a standard model for conductance-based, excitable cells. Following the early work of Winfree and Best, this paper explores the response of a spontaneously spiking Hodgkin-Huxley neuron model to a periodic pulsatile drive. The response as a function of drive(More)
This letter summarizes numerical results from [1] which show that in quantum systems with chaotic classical dynamics, the number of scattering resonances near an energy E scales like ¯ h − D(K E)+1 2. Here, K E denotes the subset of the classical energy surface {H = E} which stays bounded for all time under the flow of H and D (K E) denotes its fractal(More)
Defective permeability barrier is an important feature of many skin diseases and causes mortality in premature infants. To investigate the control of barrier formation, we characterized the epidermally expressed Grainyhead-like epithelial transactivator (Get-1)/Grhl3, a conserved mammalian homologue of Grainyhead, which plays important roles in cuticle(More)
BACKGROUND Clustering is an important analysis performed on microarray gene expression data since it groups genes which have similar expression patterns and enables the exploration of unknown gene functions. Microarray experiments are associated with many sources of experimental and biological variation and the resulting gene expression data are therefore(More)
We investigated the presence of plasmalemma-bound copper-containing oxidases associated with the inducible iron (Fe) transport system in two diatoms of the genus Thalassiosira. Under Fe-limiting conditions, Thalassiosira oceanica, an oceanic isolate, was able to enzymatically oxidize inorganic Fe(II) extracellularly. This oxidase activity was dependent on(More)
Analysis of gene expression patterns in normal tissues and their perturbations in tumours can help to identify the functional roles of oncogenes or tumour suppressors and identify potential new therapeutic targets. Here, gene expression correlation networks were derived from 92 normal human lung samples and patient-matched adenocarcinomas. The networks from(More)
MOTIVATION Cyclical biological processes such as cell division and circadian regulation produce coordinated periodic expression of thousands of genes. Identification of such genes and their expression patterns is a crucial step in discovering underlying regulatory mechanisms. Existing computational methods are biased toward discovering genes that follow(More)