Kevin K. Chui

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The purposes of this study were to evaluate how Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (MOLLE) fits women while walking on level surfaces with different loads, to examine women's load carriage performance before and after a simulated march using five load levels, and to examine the relationship between shoulder and leg muscle strength and load carriage(More)
UNLABELLED Infants requiring parenteral nutrition (n = 244) were randomized to receive either 1 (group 1, n = 121) or 0.0182 micromol/kg/d (group 2, n = 123) of manganese supplementation. The whole-blood manganese and serum direct bilirubin concentrations of the infants were monitored, as was the development of cholestasis (peak serum direct bilirubin(More)
PURPOSE There is limited data about typical performance for spatial and temporal measures of self-selected walking speed (SSWS) and fast walking speeds (FWS) for healthy adults older than 75 years. This study reports both velocity and spatial and temporal characteristics of walking by age group and gender for 118 community-living adults between the ages of(More)
PURPOSE To assess the effects of virtual reality using the NintendoTM Wii Fit on balance, gait, and quality of life in ambulatory individuals with incomplete spinal cord injury (iSCI). RELEVANCE There is a need for continued research to support effective treatment techniques in individuals with iSCI to maximize each individual's potential functional(More)
BACKGROUND Valid comparison of patient outcomes of physical therapy care requires risk adjustment for patient characteristics using statistical models. Because patients are clustered within clinics, results of risk adjustment models are likely to be biased by random, unobserved between-clinic differences. Such bias could lead to inaccurate prediction and(More)
Individuals with chronic ankle instability (CAI) may have sensorimotor impairments that affect control at the hip in addition to the ankle. The purpose of this study was to compare hip-ankle coordination and coordination variability between individuals with CAI and healthy individuals during walking. Ten healthy subjects and 10 subjects with CAI were(More)
While considerable research has targeted physical performance in older adults, less is known about the ability to rise from the floor among community-dwelling elders. The purposes of the study were to (1) examine physical performance correlates of timed supine to stand performance and (2) identify the predominant motor pattern used to complete floor rise.(More)
BACKGROUND Falls and their consequences are significant concerns for older adults, caregivers, and health care providers. Identification of fall risk is crucial for appropriate referral to preventive interventions. Falls are multifactorial; no single measure is an accurate diagnostic tool. There is limited information on which history question, self-report(More)
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