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(Tri-State G&T), and Bill Pascoe (Pascoe Energy Consulting) for their leadership in the stakeholder process used to develop the WREZ models and transmission input assumptions. We appreciate the detailed technical editing of draft versions of this report from Mark Wilson (Berkeley Lab). Finally, for reviewing earlier versions of this report, we thank(More)
Centralized monolithic processor designs, such as single core and shared bus structures, are not scaling, leading to multicore designs becoming the norm [1-3]. Research highlights the benefits of mesh networks connecting these cores. [4,5]. The TILE64™ processor [6] is a multicore SoC targeting the high-performance demands of a wide range of embedded(More)
In making low-level radioactivity measurements of populations, it is commonly observed that a substantial portion of net results is negative. Furthermore, the observed variance of the measurement results arises from a combination of measurement uncertainty and population variability. This paper presents a method for disaggregating measurement uncertainty(More)
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