Kevin Johnsrude

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This paper reports on TaskTracer --- a software system being designed to help highly multitasking knowledge workers rapidly locate, discover, and reuse past processes they used to successfully complete tasks. The system monitors users' interaction with a computer, collects detailed records of users' activities and resources accessed, associates(More)
Knowledge workers spend the majority of their working hours processing and manipulating information. These users face continual costs as they switch between tasks to retrieve and create information. The TaskTracer project at Oregon State University investigates the possibilities of a desktop software system that will record in detail how knowledge workers(More)
Knowledge workers need to find information but even when it is stored on their local computer systems, finding it can be costly. There are many researchers working on solutions to reduce these costs, but there has been little research into exactly what these costs are, and what the ties are between these costs and users’ choices between ways to access their(More)
This paper presents qualitative results from interviews with knowledge workers about their recovery strategies after interruptions. Special focus is given to when these strategies fail due to the nature of the interruption and existing computer support. Potential solutions offered by participants to overcome some of these problems are presented. These(More)
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