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The 1979 election of the Conservative Government in Britain was not followed by the demolition of the welfare state. However, a variety of policy initiatives were introduced both to restructure National Health Service (NHS) expenditure, and to facilitate private provision of health services. This article considers the effects of such policies on the(More)
This article reviews the effects of political devolution on health care in the countries of Great Britain at the end of the first term of the new political institutions created in 1999. In the light of the powers transferred, an assessment is made of the nature and extent of policy autonomy exercised by the devolved administrations. The author considers the(More)
Integrated health care is a key policy aim of Scotland's newly devolved government. 'Partnership working' is the mechanism that has been selected to achieve this goal. Three illustrative examples of health care integration models developed in Scotland are considered; system organisation and structure; Local Health Care Co-operatives (LHCCs); and Managed(More)
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