Kevin J. Thompson

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BACKGROUND Proximal humeral fractures that are treated with locked plate constructs remain susceptible to collapse into a varus position. The objectives of the present study were to examine how medial comminution affects fracture stability and to determine the effect of calcar fixation on osteosynthesis stability. METHODS Eleven matched pairs of cadaveric(More)
Microarrays depend on appropriate probe design to deliver the promise of accurate genome-wide measurement. Probe design, ideally, produces a unique probe-target match with homogeneous duplex stability over the complete set of probes. Much of microarray pre-processing is concerned with adjusting for non-ideal probes that do not report target concentration(More)
Our goal in these analyses was to use genomic features from a test set of primary breast tumors to build an integrated transcriptome landscape model that makes relevant hypothetical predictions about the biological and/or clinical behavior of HER2-positive breast cancer. We interrogated RNA-Seq data from benign breast lesions, ER+, triple negative, and(More)
When sequencing blood and tumor samples to identify targetable somatic variants for cancer therapy, clinically relevant germline variants may be uncovered. We evaluated the prevalence of deleterious germline variants in cancer susceptibility genes in women with breast cancer referred for neoadjuvant chemotherapy and returned clinically actionable results to(More)
Multiple myeloma, the second most common haematological malignancy in the U.S., is currently incurable. Disruption of the intrinsic apoptotic pathway by BCL2 and MCL1 upregulation is observed in >80% of myeloma cases and is associated with an aggressive clinical course. Remarkably, there is no approved drug with the ability to target BCL2 or MCL1. Thus, we(More)
Advantages of RNA-Seq over array based platforms are quantitative gene expression and discovery of expressed single nucleotide variants (eSNVs) and fusion transcripts from a single platform, but the sensitivity for each of these characteristics is unknown. We measured gene expression in a set of manually degraded RNAs, nine pairs of matched fresh-frozen,(More)
BACKGROUND Research and policy related to reducing health inequalities has progressed separately within Ireland and Northern Ireland. This paper describes the first exploration of the socio-economic influences on health on the island of Ireland since 1922. METHODS Postal survey. RESULTS The response rate was 52%; 11,870 respondents. Men reported more(More)