Kevin J.R. Clark

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The directional properties of hydrogen bonds play a major role in determining the specificity of intermolecular interactions. An energy function which takes explicit account of these properties has been developed for use in the determination of energetically favorable ligand binding sites on molecules of known structure by the GRID method (Goodford, P.J.J.(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the potential application of color Doppler sonography in thyroid imaging. Thyroid nodules and other thyroid pathology detected by color Doppler ultrasound and nuclear scintigraphy were compared in 115 patients. The majority of "cold" nodules demonstrated a peripheral rim of color flow and no internal color flow with(More)
U nderstanding the performance of filtration unit operations in the processing of therapeutic agents is important. Incorrect or misunderstood filter performance can significantly affect the efficiency and operation of many other unit operations in a bioprocessing train. Ultimately the cost of goods will suffer significantly without adequate process(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare needle detection using a commercially available vibrating needle system that is used with color Doppler sonography and conventional real-time needle guidance during ultrasonographically guided intervention. Twenty-four paired (48 total) sonographically guided needle placements were performed in 22 patients for fine(More)
The effects and interaction of the anatomical displacements in the human knee are a prerequisite to an accurate assessment and communication of the kinematic data. For the kinematic information to be used to improve diagnosis and treatment, and for better prosthetic design and installation, there must be clear, concise, and universal definitions of the(More)
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