Kevin J. M. Smith

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Attempts to sustain a narrow focus of attention over a long period of time are effortful and are punctuated by lapses. Most studies of sustained attention performance obscure the presence and pattern oflapses by reporting measures that are summed across the entire period of an individual's performance, or that are average scores for blocks of trials across(More)
The present paper concerns the motivational underpinnings and behavioral correlates of the prevention or stopping of negative stimulation - a situation referred to as relief. Relief is of great theoretical and applied interest. Theoretically, it is tied to theories linking affect, emotion, and motivational systems. Importantly, these theories make different(More)
In this study the authors developed and explored measures of short-term variations in accuracy on a test of sustained attention, a departure from traditional measures of average performance over long periods. The study participants were normal young adults, actively engaged in a continuous performance test (CPT). Both correct (hits) and incorrect (misses)(More)
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