Kevin J H Newman

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BACKGROUND We reviewed our results and complications of using a pre-bent 1.6 mm Kirschner wire (K-wire) for extra-articular metacarpal fractures. The surgical procedure was indicated for angulation at the fracture site in a true lateral radiograph of at least 30 degrees and/or in the presence of a rotatory deformity. METHODS A single K-wire is pre-bent in(More)
BACKGROUND Distal radius fracture is a common injury with a variety of operative and non-operative management options. There remains debate as to the optimal treatment for a given patient and fracture. Despite the popularity of volar locking plate fixation, there are few large cohort or long term follow up studies to justify this modality. Our aim was to(More)
This article presents a unified clinical theory that links established facts about the physiology of bone and homeostasis, with those involved in the healing of fractures and the development of nonunion. The key to this theory is the concept that the tissue that forms in and around a fracture should be considered a specific functional entity. This(More)
I'm revising this paper into a longer book; the paper represents about one quarter of the total length. am very grateful to all of them for their generosity with their time and ideas. The robots and experimental devices described herein were built in our lab these ideas could never have come to light without their help and experiments. I would furthermore(More)
Discharge of an outpatient surgical patient to home implies that the patient is clinically stable and capable, to some degree, of self-care. Nurses currently have no formal evidence-based clinical criteria to assist them in determining outpatient surgical patients' readiness for discharge to home. Nurses often make discharge decisions based on their(More)
In Least Developed Countries (LDCs), evidence from recent studies demonstrates that some of the greatest macroeconomic gains in productivity, as well as microeconomic gains in household surplus, derive from expanding connectivity through telecommunications liberalization. Wireless technologies are especially critical in this context as the economic costs of(More)
The staff members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and of the Federal Reserve Banks undertake studies that cover a wide range of economic and financial subjects. From time to time the studies that are of general interest are published in the Staff Studies series and summarized in the Federal Reserve Bulletin. The following paper,(More)