Kevin J. Finn

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OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to identify factors associated with the physical activity in young children. STUDY DESIGN Participants were 214 children (aged 3-5 years) enrolled in 10 childcare centers who were monitored for physical activity with an accelerometer during 2 continuous days (48 hours). Mean daily activity counts, activity counts between 9 AM and(More)
1.1 IntroductIon The increasing significance of oligonucleotides as therapeutic agents necessitates a high level of quality control. In such protocols, chromatographic analysis of crude and final active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) is necessary to ensure the detection of contaminants at concentration levels down to trace amounts relative to the drug. A(More)
The 2012 Public Act on Education in Hungary made daily physical education (PE) a mandatory part of the school day starting in the 2012-2013 school year. This directive was linked to a significant reorganization of the Hungarian education system including a new National Core Curriculum that regulates the objectives and contents of PE. The Hungarian School(More)
The purpose was to determine if glutamine supplementation would prevent a loss of lean mass in athletes during a 12-day weight reduction program. It was hypothesized that supplementation would spare lean body mass. Subjects (n=18) exercised and dieted to create a 4186kJ·day(-1) energy deficit and a 8372 kJ·day(-1) energy deficit on days 1-5, days 6-12,(More)
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