Kevin Holland-Elliott

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BACKGROUND Two doctors working on a busy intensive care unit sustained injuries whilst removing a chest drain from an HIV-positive patient. One doctor had a needlestick injury into his finger whilst the other sustained an eyesplash when the chest drain was pulled out. METHODS Following Department of Health format 'Doing less harm', a root cause and human(More)
BACKGROUND Co-worker support, or lack of it, plays an important role in the contribution of workplace pressure to psychiatric illness and rehabilitation after sickness. AIMS To develop and validate a measure to compare attitudes towards co-workers with different illnesses to identify specific aspects of colleagues' attitudes which may hinder the(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is an increasing public health problem. A small number of studies have examined the relationship between obesity and sickness absence, with mixed results, particularly regarding short-term sickness absence. AIMS To determine if obesity is associated with short- and long-term sickness absence and to investigate the mechanisms that may(More)
BACKGROUND Difficulties arise in applying the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988 in occupational health practice. There is no guidance on detailed aspects of applying these Acts in practice and consistent advice has proved difficult to obtain. AIMS To audit the understanding and practice of UK occupational physicians to(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is reported to be a major cause of illness-related sub-optimal work performance (presenteeism). However, the majority of studies examining presenteeism have relied on self-report measures of work performance. Furthermore, employers currently face a number of practical challenges in attempting to facilitate early identification of(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of mental disorder on UK's workforce are increasing, yet most occupational health (OH) providers have limited expertise in dealing with mental health issues. AIMS To examine the effectiveness in terms of organizational and clinical outcomes, of an OH liaison psychiatry service in an inner city area. METHODS A retrospective survey(More)
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