Kevin Gaffney

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The macroscopic characteristics of a material are determined by its elementary excitations, which dictate the response of the system to external stimuli. The spectrum of excitations is related to fluctuations in the density–density correlations and is typically measured through frequency-domain neutron 1 or X-ray 2–4 scattering. Time-domain measurements of(More)
Epoxy molding compounds have been developed which can simultaneously underfill and overmold the Flip Chip die in a single transfer molding process. Transfer molding is a well-defined industry process; with suitable mold design, these materials can utilize the currently installed capital base. The ability to apply pressure during the molding process can(More)
OBJECTIVE It is estimated that one of four ischemic strokes are noticed upon awakening and are not candidates for intravenous recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rtPA) because their symptoms are >3 hours from last seen normal (LSN). We tested the safety of rtPA in a multicenter, single-arm, prospective, open-label study (NCT01183533) in patients with(More)
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