Kevin G. Ray

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We report a novel nanoscale thermal platform compatible with extreme temperature operation and real-time high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. Applied to multiwall carbon nanotubes, we find atomic-scale stability to 3200 K, demonstrating that carbon nanotubes are more robust than graphite or diamond. Even at these thermal extremes, nanotubes(More)
Advanced analog-optical sensor, signal processing and communication systems could benefit significantly from wideband (DC to > 50 GHz) optical modulators having both low half-wave voltage (Vπ) and low optical insertion loss. An important figure-of-merit for modulators used in analog applications is TMAX/Vπ, where TMAX is the optical transmission of the(More)
Depth sensitivities: Research into the initial stages of hydrogenation in a material necessitates the use of a variety of methods that provide the capabilities for characterization of structure and bonding with distinct depth sensitivities. This study makes extensive use of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction (XRD), x-ray(More)
A slab-coupled optical waveguide laser is wavelength stabilized with a fiber Bragg grating and characterized under a narrow pulse high repetition rate direct modulation scheme suitable for efficient pulse position modulation format optical communication systems.
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