Kevin G Lamude

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This study explored the influence of applicants' perceived apprehension during communication on self-reported argumentativeness and verbal aggressiveness in selection interviews. One week prior to selection interviews with corporate interviewers, 51 college students who were actively seeking career-oriented employment completed a questionnaire on their(More)
This research focused on whether perception of burnout, measured by the Cherniss Burnout Scale, is related to managers' self-reported tactics of influence with subordinates. Contrary to expectations, analysis of the scores of 209 managers from 47 organizations indicated rational, ingtratiating, and inspirational appeals, consulation, and exchange tactics of(More)
The paper concerns managers' perceived influence tactics with regular and temporary employees. 156 subordinates completed the Behavioral Alteration Techniques Scale. Mean ratings of managers' use of tactics of influence with regular employees were significantly higher than those with temporary employees on 9 of the 22 measured techniques.
Previous research has shown that burnout among college teachers is negatively associated with on-task learning and student-oriented concerns expressed as tactics on influence in class. Using data collected from 142 college teachers, this study examined this relationship. Burnout was measured on Cherniss's measure, and tactics of influence were assessed by(More)