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Psychometric review of 33 peer-reviewed studies of six self-report emotional intelligence (EI) measures supports a multidimensional conceptualization of EI. The nature and number of EI facets, however, and their distinctiveness from more established trait domains is unclear. Building on earlier efforts, three studies were undertaken (Ns = 138, 163, 152) to(More)
This paper proposes an extension of the traditional active disk concept by applying it to parallel file systems deployed in modern clusters. Utilizing processing power of the disk controller CPU for processing of data stored on the disk has been proposed in the previous decade. We have extended and deployed this idea in context of storage servers of a(More)
As data centers proliferate in size and number, the endeavor to improve their energy efficiency and productivity is becoming increasingly important. We discuss the properties of a number of the proposed metrics of energy efficiency and productivity. In particular, we focus on the Data Center Energy Productivity (DCeP) metric, which is the ratio of useful(More)
The goal of our solution is to deliver trustworthy decision making analysis tools which evaluate situations and potential impacts of such decisions through acquired information and add efficiency for continuing mission operations and analyst information. We discuss the use of cooperation in modeling and simulation and show quantitative results for design(More)
Supervisors play an important role in determining whether employees use work-family programs. Yet little research has examined the factors that relate to supervisor perceptions of and behaviors surrounding work-family programs. This study builds on past research, the theory of reasoned action, and expectancy theory to explore factors that contribute to(More)
The animal kingdom contains species with a wide variety of sensory systems that have been selected to function in different environmental niches, but that are also subject to modification by experience during an organism's lifetime. The modification of such systems by experience is often called perceptual learning. In rodents, the classic example of(More)
In recent years, research examining the relationship between affective constructs (ACs) and workplace behaviors and outcomes has greatly increased (e.g., Ilies, Scott, & Judge, 2006; Cropanzano). In response to encouraging findings, many researchers have called for the use of ACs in personnel selection (Beal, Weiss, Barros, & MacDermid, 2005; Morris &(More)
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