Kevin Fischer

Tomas Sarmiento2
Sonia Buckley2
Arka Majumdar2
Michal Bajcsy2
Armand Rundquist2
2Tomas Sarmiento
2Sonia Buckley
2Arka Majumdar
2Michal Bajcsy
2Armand Rundquist
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  • Armand Rundquist, Michal Bajcsy, Arka Majumdar, Tomas Sarmiento, Kevin Fischer, Konstantinos G Lagoudakis +3 others
  • 2014
We use the third-and fourth-order autocorrelation functions g (3) (τ 1 ,τ 2) and g (4) (τ 1 ,τ 2 ,τ 3) to detect the nonclassical character of the light transmitted through a photonic-crystal nanocavity containing a strongly coupled quantum dot probed with a train of coherent light pulses. We contrast the value of g (3) (0,0) with the conventionally used g(More)
SUMMARY A bi-directional, latching microactuator which combines the use of micromachined permanent magnets and electromagnets has been developed. The device is fabricated primarily from Ni/Fe permalloy using LIGA technology, whereas the permanent magnets are cut from NdFeB using micro-electro discharge machining. The permanent magnets allow the actuator to(More)
Product definition technology has evolved in such a way as to encourage the proliferation of data formats used within the product lifecycle for various use cases. One such product development framework being proposed in industry today is the model-based enterprise (MBE), which is operationally driven by the model-based definition (MBD) of products. This(More)
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