Kevin Fehon

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Interest in adaptive traffic signals in the USA is increasing and the use of adaptive signals is strongly supported by FHWA. There are several systems (notably SCOOT and SCATS) that are widely used throughout the world and several new adaptive products have recently been released. This paper compares and contrasts the systems that have been successfully(More)
Adaptive traffic signals have had a checkered history in the U.S.A., and many professionals are unsure about whether the benefits justify the costs. The FHWA sponsored research into adaptive signals and several systems have now been developed to the stage where demonstration projects are underway (e.g., RHODES and OPAC). At the same time several adaptive(More)
This paper describes the use of Paramics to simulate the operation of various ITS strategies applied to an integrated corridor mobility (ICM) project. Some of the features modeled, including the use of variable speed limit signs (VSL) and lane control signs, required the development of new capabilities by the software vendor. The simulations discussed in(More)
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