Kevin Featherstone

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Does informal intervention by high officials of international organizations decisively in uence the outcomes of multilateral negotiations? In the words of two leading international lawyers, can ‘‘faceless international bureaucrats, unelected and without power of purse or sword’’ really in uence the decisions of powerful nation-states?1 Are we seeing the(More)
The ongoing damage to Greek scientific research is not solely due to austerity measures (Nature 517, 127–128; 2015). In my experience as a member of Greece’s National Council for Research and Technology from 2010 to 2014, political manipulation and institutional weakness are also contributors. To address the dire problem of underfunded research, in 2011 the(More)
The ongoing crisis of the eurozone is often narrated as a high-political power play among EU governments, with Germany leading the fray and imposing its preferred austerity-based solutions. The last issue of the EUSA Review Forum discussed whether this meant the return of a " German problem " in Europe. In this issue of the EUSA Review, we continue to take(More)
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