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In North American society driving is closely linked with independence. Unfortunately, the freedom to operate a motor vehicle may be lost when an individual develops a specific medical diagnosis. The complex issue of dementia and driving safety is frequently encountered by health care professionals. Physicians are required, by law, to report any medical(More)
A new technique is proposed for synthesizing network packet arrival streams. The technique is a variation on the midpoint subdivision approach to generating sample paths of a stochastic process that exhibits fractional Brownian motion. The new technique and two others are compared in their ability to generate parameterized, stochastically-equivalent(More)
Examined are various models of assessing cost-effectiveness in the use of psychological measures employed for screening patient pathology through psychological testing as a precursor to providing psychotherapy. Actual and simulated quality assurance studies are provided. The authors caution that cost-containment limited to financial incentives may have(More)
Research has established that breast milk is the best source of nutrition for the premature infant. Because the infant is born prematurely, the mother will need support in expressing breast milk for her infant's use. The clinical nurse has the opportunity to educate the mother on the importance of breast milk for the premature infant and to support the(More)
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