Kevin F. Reilly

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Languages vary idiosyncratically in the sets of referents to which common nouns are applied. To use nouns as a native speaker would, second language learners must acquire language-specific naming patterns, not merely a language-tolanguage correspondence. We asked second language learners to name household objects in English and in their native language, to(More)
Campylobacter species are a leading cause of foodborne illness in the United States, but few population-based data describing patterns and trends of disease are available. We summarize data on culture-confirmed cases of Campylobacter infection reported during 1996-1999 to the Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network (FoodNet) system. The average(More)
Infection with Brucella spp. continues to pose a human health risk in California despite great strides in eradicating the disease from domestic animals. Clustering of human cases in time and space has important public health implications for understanding risk factors and sources of infection. Temporal-spatial clustering of human brucellosis in California(More)
Elicited narrative studies have shown that the underlying pragmatic factor of empathy is relatively preserved in aphasic speakers of Japanese and English (7 Japanese and 14 English-speaking aphasics of varied diagnostic types). Occasional "reversal errors" can be explained in terms of a conflict between the normal encoding of the empathic characteristics of(More)
From 1973 through 1992, 426 cases of human brucellosis were reported in California, of which 98% were laboratory confirmed. Brucella melitensis was identified in 185 cases (78.7% of the bacteriologically typed cases). Hispanics accounted for 81% of the cases from 1983 to 1992 compared with 65% during the previous decade (P < .01). The population-adjusted(More)
In March 1993, an 11-month-old neutered male wolf-dog hybrid with a 5-day history of progressive neurologic signs was determined to have rabies. The animal was currently vaccinated for rabies with a USDA-approved canine rabies vaccine. One month prior to becoming ill, the animal was observed carrying a dead skunk in its enclosure in a rabies-endemic(More)
This study compared the effects of spontaneous speech and executive function on gait and investigated the effects of single-task gait speed on dual-task costs. Twenty-one older adults (74.7 years, SD 5.9) and 23 younger adults (22 years, SD 1.2) walked for 60s while performing an auditory Stroop task and a spontaneous speech task; they also performed each(More)
Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is a newly recognized rodent-borne zoonosis. We report a case of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in an employee of a California utility company who was probably occupationally exposed to Sin Nombre virus. Environmental assessment and genetic comparison of the patient's hantavirus isolates to hantavirus isolates from rodents(More)