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Surgical removal of colon carcinomas leads to a decrease in the rate of incorporation of [14C]fucose into its endogenous acceptor in human serum; normal incorporation rates are attained within 14 days. A similar time course has been determined for alpha2- and alpha3-fucosyltransferase when either desialo- or desialodegalactofetuin are employed as exogenous(More)
This paper reports on the usage of physics-based 3D volumetric lung dynamic models for visualizing and monitoring the radiation dose deposited on the lung of a human subject during lung radiotherapy. The dynamic model of each subject is computed from a 4D Computed Tomography (4DCT) imaging acquired before the treatment. The 3D lung deformation and the(More)
In proton therapy, passive scattered proton plans use compensators to conform the dose to the distal surface of the planning volume. These devices are custom made from acrylic or wax for each treatment field using either a plunge-drilled or smooth-milled compensator design. The purpose of this study was to investigate if there is a clinical benefit of(More)
Enzymes of the Krebs-Henseleit urea-cycle were localized by means of differential centrifugation and fractional tissue extraction in rat liver and in human liver. Argininosuccinatlyase (ASAL) and Argininosuccinatsynthetase (ASAS) represent enzymes of the soluble cytoplasmic fraction. Ornithine-ketoacid-transaminase(OKT), carbamyl-phosphate-synthetase (CPS)(More)
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