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A 37-year-old woman developed Wernicke encephalopathy after prolonged psychogenic food refusal. MR revealed characteristic signal abnormalities in the midbrain and dorsal thalamus. Follow-up scans showed atrophy and third ventricular enlargement. Wernicke encephalopathy can occur in nonalcoholics, and MR imaging is useful in both the diagnosis and follow-up.
This pilot study sought to investigate parent-child interactions which influenced self-esteem in a sample of gifted children. 13 gifted children, aged 6 to 10 yr., who were enrolled in a private elementary school, were tested on the Coopersmith Self-esteem Inventory and the Parent Practices Questionnaire (PPQ). Significant correlations obtained between (1)(More)
This study compared the adaptive responses to two concurrent training programmes frequently used in professional soccer. Fifteen youth soccer players (17.3 ± 1.6 years, 1.82 ± 0.06 m, 77.0 ± 7.3 kg; VO2 peak, 62.0 ± 4.7 ml−1 kg−1 min−1) who compete in the English Premier League volunteered for this study. In addition to completing their habitual training(More)
Pain is the most common presenting complaint within the emergency department. Whilst national RCEM guidelines exist, there tends to be low compliance with its use. A retrospective, cross-sectional audit, over a 24 hour period, was carried out in the emergency department of a tertiary hospital in London on all patients with abdominal pain. Pain score(More)
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