Kevin Edward Shuman

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The specific rates of solvolysis (including those obtained from the literature) of isopropenyl chloroformate (1) are analyzed using the extended Grunwald-Winstein equation, involving the N(T) scale of solvent nucleophilicity (S-methyldibenzothiophenium ion) combined with a Y(Cl) scale based on 1-adamantyl chloride solvolysis. A similarity model approach,(More)
The measurement of elemental selenium (Se(0)) is needed to assess the rate and magnitude of bacteria reduction of selenite or selenate. We have developed a spectrophotometric method for the measurement Se(0) that is rapid and can be employed to measure the quantity of Se(0) produced by bacterial cultures. This method employs the use of 1M Na(2)S to convert(More)
Specific rates of solvolysis at 25 degrees C for p-nitrophenyl chloroformate (1) are analyzed using the extended (two-term) Grunwald-Winstein equation. For 39 solvents, the sensitivities (l = 1.68+/-0.06 and m = 0.46+/-0.04) towards changes in solvent nucleophilicity (l) and solvent ionizing power (m) obtained, are similar to those previously observed for(More)
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