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Structure of a yeast RNase III dsRBD complex with a noncanonical RNA substrate provides new insights into binding specificity of dsRBDs.
dsRBDs often bind dsRNAs with some specificity, yet the basis for this is poorly understood. Rnt1p, the major RNase III in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, cleaves RNA substrates containing hairpins cappedExpand
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Intrinsic dynamics of an extended hydrophobic core in the S. cerevisiae RNase III dsRBD contributes to recognition of specific RNA binding sites.
The Saccharomyces cerevisiae RNase III enzyme Rnt1p preferentially binds to double-stranded RNA hairpin substrates with a conserved (A/u)GNN tetraloop fold, via shape-specific interactions by itsExpand
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Histidine methylation of yeast ribosomal protein Rpl 3 p is 1 required for proper 60 S subunit assembly 2 3
Qais Al-Hadid, Kevin Roy, William Munroe, Maria C. Dzialo, Guillaume F. Chanfreau, and Steven G. Clarke 4 5 Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Molecular Biology Institute, UCLA, LosExpand
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Using Three-Dimensional Gait Data for Foot/Ankle Orthopaedic Surgery
We present the case of a forty year old male who sustained a torn carotid during strenuous physical activity. This was followed by a right hemispheric stroke due to a clot associated with theExpand
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Examining Gait Patterns after Total Knee Arthroplasty Using Parameterization and Principal Component Analysis
The use of parameterization in assessing gait waveforms has been widely accepted, although it is recognized that this approach excludes the majority of information contained in the waveform.Expand
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St. Augustine, Serge Lancel, translated from the French by Antonia Nevill : book review
Which church leader, after the apostles, has had the greatest influence on the course of church history? Several candidates could be nominated for that honour, but my vote would go to Augustine, theExpand
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